Bespoke Shagpile Rugs - Coming Soon!

 The 'Rya' or shag pile rug has come to be synonymous with hip 60s and 70s style, their bright clashing colours and patterns a must for anyone who is inspired by the era. Traditionally made in Sweden, where Rya, means simply 'Rug'. 

Finding original rugs and wall hangings is proving more and more difficult for the vintage buyer, or maybe the thought of a 50-year-old rug isn't appealing to you, or you need one to work with a specific interior scheme? 

As part of our ever-growing range and our enthusiasm for working with skilled artisan creatives I am proud to announce that 70s House Manchester is working with a young and up and coming Designer, Charlie Jackson of Shagadelic Rugs, to be able to bring bespoke shag pile/Rya style rugs to the 70s House Manchester collection.

Our rugs will be all hand crafted and made with British sourced materials, from the canvas backing, sourced in Oldham, Lancashire to the yarns sourced in Shipley, West Yorkshire

The rugs will be custom made on a bespoke basis, by Charlie in her studio using traditional techniques alongside modern technology. 

Our collection of distinctive designs, reimaged as rugs and wall hangings will be available to order exclusively through 70s House Manchester later in 2021.

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