70s House - THE BOOK!

So, the big secret is out….

If you have been following me on my main Instagram account you will see have recently had a big announcement. Yes, that is correct, ya girl has only gone and written a book, and no one is more shocked than I am, well, it’s a lot of words, you know….

Estelle Bilson 70s House Manchester The Bidding Room 70s House Book 70s Location House

I will fill you all in on all the details of how this wonderous occasion came about another time, in another blog post, but if you wondered why things were a bit quite for me on social media and in the shop this year, now you know why, I was busy beavering away being a word smith, and boy did I learn a LOT!

Anyway, cut to the chase, THE BOOK!  What is it called?  It’s called ‘70s House’ and what is it about? It is about 70s interior style and design, filled to the brim with lots of lovely hints and tips on what to look for and where to buy and how to be bold with colour and pattern and say a big, fat, sod it to how people think you should decorate your home (hint, always decorate your home with things YOU LOVE).

I don’t want to give too much away, but quite frankly it is a glorious smorgasbord of information you can delve into, right at your fingertips, there is even a section of how to entertain, 70s style, naturally. The foreward to the book is written by the iconic Barbara Hulanicki, founder of Biba, who has been one of my biggest supporters through this project.

The book is published by Kyle/Octopus which is an imprint of publishing giant Hachette and release date is set for 30th March 2023; however, you don’t have to wait that long to place an order, no, no, no!  You can pre order to secure your first edition copy right now!  Pre order is super important for small, first time Authors, like myself (OMG I called myself an Author) and I will explain why in another blog post…

How to order?  Simply click on the picture or link below and it will take you directly to stockists who will be selling my FIRST BOOK *squeals in retro orange*

Estelle Bilson 70s House Manchester The Bidding Room 70s House Book 70s Location House

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But for now, I want to just say a big, huge, THANK YOU, to everyone who has supported me, from those that follow, comment and share on social media to those that have been such a massive part of this huge creative undertaking, which, in all honestly has made a long-time dream come true.

Until next time, as always,

Big Love

Estelle x