Wallpaper Installation

Installation Guide.

For the best results please read these instructions carefully before hanging this wallpaper. It is advisable that a professional decorator is used.  Refunds cannot be processed on open or hung rollsWe strongly suggest the you take advance of our sample service to ensure that your bespoke item is the correct colour and quality for your needs.

Please do take care when installing your wallpaper, or hiring a proffessional for the installation, as we are unable to compensate installation fees for tradesmen or third parties or take any responsiblilty for installation errors and site conditions.

Before hanging your wallpaper, please check that the wallpaper rolls are undamaged the product code and batch reference are the same for each roll and that all colours match.  Please also check which way up the design should hang, if in doubt contact us

Preparing for your wallpaper.

  • Walls should be dry, clean and even
  • Remove any old wallpaper and loose paint
  • Key painted surfaces with sandpaper and wash down before use
  • For best results we recommend that walls are cross lined using a good quality lining paper which should be sized to aid adhesion
  • Any lining paper should be allowed to dry before hanging the wallpaper

How to hang your wallpaper.

  • This is a paste the wall product ONLY, please ensure that the wall is pasted and not the back of the wall paper.
  • A good quality, solvent free, fungicidal protected ready mixed adhesive should be used, do not use self-mix wallpaper adhesives.
  • Apply paste evenly to the walls, slightly wider than the roll width and hang one length at a time.
  • Butt joins and use a decorator’s brush to smooth down the wallpaper, working from the centre to the outer edges taking care not to stretch the wallpaper.
  • Avoid transferring paste to the wallpaper, hands should be kept clean and dry, and that it does not get onto the decorator’s brush or roller.
  • Paste will damage the surface of the wallpaper and 70s House Manchester cannot accept responsibility for marks or damage caused by paste or improper hanging.
  • Should any paste come into contact, clean immediately with a clean, damp sponge.
  • Check the progress; after hanging 2-3 lengths you should inspect the result to ensure there are no faults present, please contact us if you encounter any issues.  No claims can be made once more than one roll of wallpaper has been hung.
  • Please remember that all lenghts of wallpaper should recieve the same drying conditions, take care to avoid temperature changes from heating or draughts during this process.
  • This information has been supplied in good faith, but without guarantee. Site conditions are beyond the control of 70s House Manchester and it is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that the environment is suitable for the wall covering.

Refunds & Exchanges

As all our wallpaper is printed bespoke for each customer, with this in mind we can only accept refunds on unused or faulty product, no claims can be made on hung wallpaper and we are we are unable to compensate installation fees for tradesmen or third parties or take any responsiblilty for installation errors and site conditions.

At the discretion of 70s House Manchester, and providing the wallpaper is in an as sold condition we may accept exchanges on your order.  Please contact us to discuss, all exchanges granted at original order value.

Click HERE for full information regarding our returns and exchanges policy.