The Never Ending Kitchen Refresh...

I've hated our kitchen since I moved in... It was bland and predictable, but good quality and serviceable, but dated.  I felt that it never really went with the rest of the house in terms of style and let the side down somewhat. 

I tried to jazz it up, with some fresh metro tiles five years ago, which I assumed would be a temporary measure (in hindsight I regret this, I would now have used square white or 70s tiles), however back then I was just in the mindset of getting rid of the chip fat brown tiles that were already in place and cover them with something clean and cheap, job done... whilst committing the cardinal sin of tiling over tiles...

tiling a kitchen with metro tiles Painting a lime green wall white in a kitchen Tiled kitchen
I painted the walls white (they were previously lime green *yelp*, his nibs attempt at interiors pre me, bless him, I can see where he was going, but the vibe missed the point for me) and painted on some super graphic tubes that matched a piece of Heals fabric I picked up on eBay, but still, it felt 'wrong', I only ever photographed one wall.
Retro kitchen with super graphics

This January I decided enough was enough, after fruitless searches for a vintage kitchen for the past few years I was unable to source anything that I liked, that was the correct number of units in the correct configuration, which wasn't completely f*cked being 50 years old... I thought, I know, I’ll paint it!

Now, I'm not known for my patience and largely I struggle to complete jobs to the point there are always little bits I walk past every day thinking "I must fix that" so the fact that I have managed to paint 15 cabinets and 9 drawers is a small miracle in itself.  I now laugh at the insta crew who say “simply paint your units” because they are lying, it isn’t simple, it takes forever and it will break you, especially if you have no room to paint them and do one door at a time…

90s kitchen with kilim rug


However…… I cannot tell you how much this has changed my kitchen, by simply painting the units it has completely changed the look and vibe and how happy I am walking into it now.  It feels more ME. 
With paint, some handles and vinyl and a lot of hard work, I have revolutionised the look of the kitchen for very little cost, I estimate under £400 all in, compared to the cost of a new kitchen which now stands at £8000.00 in the UK.  Our once drab and uninspiring kitchen is now a sunny haven and I love spending time in there, and to me that is worth all the blood sweat and tears.
Stay tuned for the reveal later next week …
Big Love
E x