Welcome to the 70sHouseManchester Blog...

Most of you will already be familiar with my instablog of the same name, but I felt that the time had come to set up a proper wordy wordy blog type affair. I always loved to write, but find that there is limited time in the day whilst working and looking after a toddler, but this quarantine m'larky forced my hand to give me a more creative outlet whilst being surrounded by PJ masks.
A little about myself/ourselves... My name is Estelle, I live with my partner Stephen (henceforth known as His Nibs) and our three year old son. Stephen has lived in Manchester all his life, and has lived in this house for 18 years (more about that in another future blog post). I joined Stephen 6 years ago and set about 'improving' the house in my own inimitable style. I started slowly, bringing key pieces I had from my old home, and before he realised he was living in a full on retro pad. I do jest, he is incredibly supportive of my creative urge and already had a passing interest in all things retro.
I will touch upon why I love the 70s style and how we started to renovate in future blog posts (I don't want to spoil/overwhelm you all at once).
So, welcome, hello, pleased to meet you, so to speak. If you want to find out more about my world then stay tuned, feel free to message me with any questions, sign up on the subscriber linky thingamabob and if you're not already familiar with my Instagram check it out through the social button at the bottom of this page.
Big Love