How pre ordering '70s House' Book helps me as a first time author.

This is March, its finally here, the month that finally releases my book into the world, a time of not only excitement and exhilaration but also of mild anxiety, did I do enough, will people enjoy it?

Ultimately though I am incredibly proud that I wrote a book.  Someone asked me this week, did you have a researcher and a writer to help, and I explained that I didn’t (and didn’t even think that this would be a thing), this is as they say, all my own work, from conception to finally seeing it in print. Needless to say, they were impressed, and so am I!

70s house book by Estelle bilson 70s house manchester on table with candles and barbara brown fabric

In the run up to publication date, one thing that has been playing on my mind is pre orders.  Let me explain how publication works.  You get a book deal; you spend a year working on it and it goes into print, on a given day this book will be sent out into the big wide world.  HOWEVER, now here’s the thing, so pay attention, this bit is important 😉… 

Pre orders are the principal way of getting your book noticed at the start of a very long and competitive race, especially for people like me, who are first time authors.  The amount of pre orders is the first indicator of how popular the book is going to be, the more people pre order, the more book buyers and stockists take notice, more copies of the book physically get ordered by the buyers, and the greater the number of copies ordered and for sale mean that its more visible to potential customers to purchase.

Pre order books also count towards the first day of sales, which is how a book is rated in the charts, and hitting a number one spot on popular websites in the categories your book has been listed (it’s a keyword thing apparently) also mean that it is featured more heavily on said websites, more visibility = more sales.

To sum up, three reasons why you should Pre Order….

  • Pre order helps the Author, if you like this Author and want them to carry on writing books then supporting them during the launch is a great idea. By pre ordering a book indicates that people want this book which makes sellers typically stock more for people to see and hopefully buy.
  • Many book sellers, including Amazon offer a ‘pre order price guarantee’ This means that if you order a book and the price drops you will be charged the lowest price. No one likes seeing something discounted a day after they have bought it, and this price promise means the book store will honour the lowest sale price.  In the case of ‘70s House’ you can purchase today at £17.60 on Amazon, which is a 12% discount.
  • You get to enter a superb giveaway* As a way of saying ‘Thank you’ to my early adopters who purchase the book before midnight on 29th March 2023 has the chance to enter the ‘70s House start kit’ giveaway, which is worth over £750, simply upload a copy of your pre order receipt here.

70s house book estelle bilson 70s house manchester bidding room green dress

So, what I am basically saying is, in a very long and convoluted way is that, if you are thinking of buying my book, please don’t dilly dally, that pre order is contributing to a huge wheel of analytics and marketing.  To you it’s a book, to me it’s the chance of having a best-selling book, which in turn means the publishers are nice and happy with everything and I get the chance to write more delicious books to entertain you with, it’s a win, win and win situation for everyone.

You can pre order my first book HERE which publishes on 30th March 2023 4th April 2023 USA, this link contains a wide range of national and international stockists and also includes some independent stockists if you prefer to use them.

*If you are in the UK, you can enter the giveaway competition to win a 70s House Starter Kit by uploading your pre order receipt, potentially winning a prize worth over £750, including Yootha Wallpaper, a Mathmos Lava Lamp, Space-age Terrarium and a Dogwood Lifestyle leopard head planter - Click HERE to enter

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart for all the support you have shown me.

Big Love

Estelle x