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Super graphics -  Did you know we also offer a vinyl mural option for those who can't or don't want to paint their very own retro mural.

Our exclusive partner and manufacturer Faye Jennifer Vinyl Desings can custom print supergraphics and murals for your homes and more ❤️ just click on the below image of choice and fill in the contact form with the size of the surface you'd like to cover along with any ideas.

Faye will then be in touch to get planning your very own custom PEEL & STICK vinyl super graphic... no mess, no fuss! 

Shop our range of standard and floor vinyl by the meter HERE.

super graphics 70s 60s wallpaper peel and stick vinul mural wall art painted brown orange green retro groovy 70s

Exclusive collaboration with Faye Jennifer Vinyl Design 

70s House Manchester x Faye Jennifer Vinyl Design the only decorative vinyl for your retro and modern home.  

Available now, we are proud to announce that Faye Jennifer Vinyl Designs are the sole manufacturer and distributer of 70s House Manchester vinyl and Vinyl Supergraphic Murals.
The original, and authentic designs, inspired by our love of the decades of the 60s and 70s are now exclusively available on superior quality, fully laminated vinyl supergraphic murals.
Benefits of shopping 70s House Manchester x Faye Jennifer Vinyl Design.
Customer service and satisfaction is important to us, we have carefully chosen some unique features to support you in your vinyl choices for your project.
FREE Shipping on ALL Samples
FREE UK Shipping on ALL orders over £50.00
FREE vinyl applicator on orders over £50.00
FREE 'How to' guide with every order. 
    Wider than standard 750mm width, making your project more cost effective and seamless.
    Worried about applying yourself?  Take the stress out of vinyl with our unique Fitting service*
    Specific area you need to cover? Use our Custom Cutting Service**
     Bespoke Service – Need a larger or smaller scale?  Have a certain project in mind?  We can help! **
    Fully laminated on all qualities of standard and flooring vinyl, (also suitable for work surfaces)
    All prints are bespoke, printed only for your order, to reduce waste and minimise our environmental impact.
    Any unused prints and offcuts are sent to local SEN schools to aid with art therapy for children with special education needs.
      *UK only ** Extra Charges may apply
      70s House Manchester x Faye Jennifer Vinyl Design the only decorative vinyl for your retro and modern home.
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